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The Victory Meals Program

  • Nutritionist-Founded
  • Delivered within our area
  • No processed ingredients
  • No additives
  • Low-fat
  • Low-salt
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Subscription service
  • Rotating 3-Week Gourmet Menu
  • Paleo, Vegan, Fish-only, and High-protein Services
  • Affordable plans

Our clients have eliminated sugars, sweeteners, flour, caffeine, excessive salt, processed cooking oils, and dairy from their diet to get happy, surprising  results.

"I eat healthfully, I'm not tempted by unhealthful food options, I don't worry about what to eat, I save time, and I feel and look better than before," reports satisfied client, Leslie Farnsworth.  

 "I'm an entrepreneur and business owner, so time is my most precious resource. I had been so strapped for time and bandwidth that I'd find myself eating terribly, whether it was fast food picked up on the way from here to there or a sleeve of crackers over the sink at the end of the day. I just didn't have time to grocery shop and cook,much less plan healthful meals, and didn't really want to bother with planning, shopping, and cooking just for myself. Also, I was eating way too much sugar and processed food, which made me more hungry, so I'd eat more. Stress didn't help, I'd struggled through so many cycles of putting on weight and feeling sluggish, kicking myself back into eating better, and then falling off due to time constraints and getting back to where I was with unhealthful eating again.
A friend finally convinced me to try Victory Meals, which he'd eaten for quite some time. I'm so glad he did."

My glucose reading went from 500 to 150 in a week! reports a thrilled client. 

Victory Meals makes it easy for you to find out that you can achieve significant improvements in health from 'eating unprocessed.'

I eat unprocessed because I have lots of energy and I'm in a better mood,  says Joan Ifland, founder of Victory Meals.

 "I wanted to lose weight, about 20 to 30 pounds. I wanted to be able to keep the weight off, and I wanted to get off a whole bunch of medication I had been taking. I lost the 25lbs, I am able to keep my weight in this range, and I am off the medications,"  
 In addition to the Victory Meals Program, I work out with a personal trainer at the Y for three one hour sessions each week, and on most of the other four days of the week I do 30 minutes on an elliptical machine. I also try to get enough sleep each night, although that is a constant struggle - too much going on. 
 All of these together, the "diet", exercise and sleep, are helping me to maintain my weight where I want it. I weigh myself at the same time every day, and, one day just a few days ago I reached a low weight that I have not reached in probably 20 years! With the combination of the above, I have been able to come off my high blood pressure medication, my cholesterol medication, and another major medication. 
Of all these facts, the Victory Meals Program has had the greatest positive effect. It is probably 80% due to Victory Meals and 20% due to exercise & sleep. I did not expect that I was going to be able to achieve all of these goals, so I am very happy to have achieved them. I intend to maintain this eating, exercise, sleep regimen for the rest of my life. I find myself simply moving/walking faster then I have ever moved in my life, because I am so much lighter and stronger now than over the last few decades of my life. That is really fun!"

Our clients tell us that eating unrefined means winning relief from the 'metabolic syndrome' including cravings, overeating, overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, and even mood problems such as depression, irritability, and anxiety.

This meal plan works! says clients who have tried many ways to control their eating.

The Victory Meals' menu formulation is the result of decades of research and clinical experience. Prepared Victory Meals contain carefully selected unrefined proteins, fruits, vegetables, and starches. 
Proteins include turkey, chicken, eggs, shrimp, whitefish, salmon, and more. Fruits include oranges, apples, blueberries, and pears. Vegetables include carrots, celery, spinach, tomatoes, and more. Starches include rice, beans, oatmeal, barley, and sweet potatoes.

Our meals are complete, offering the proper serving size:

Breakfasts include 6 ounces of protein, 6 ounces of unrefined starch, and a serving of fruit. Breakfast boxes include a bonus snack of 2 ounces of protein and a piece of fruit. What a bargain! 
Lunches and dinners contain 4 ounces of protein, 7 ounces of vegetables, and 6 ounces of starch. Join the adventure today and find out how your health profile improves by eating unprocessed.

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